Create a survey that your customers will actually want to take!

And incentivize them to submit their responses by offering them rewards upon survey completion. 

Seeking feedback on a new product or service? Want insight on customer opinions about your brand? Or maybe you’re looking to learn more about why a customer canceled their subscription or left your website?

Of course! We all want to know what our customers are thinking. About us, our brand, our industry, their wants, their needs, their problems, etc. Any customer-centric company should be open to conducting research and receiving feedback from their customers. There are many ways to conduct research or encourage your customers to give you feedback. We here at 360 Media Direct are advocates of the classic simple survey.

Since 2016, companies have relied on RewardBee - our turnkey survey & rewards platform - to collect valuable customer feedback. Why RewardBee? In addition to a team of worker-bees (couldn't resist!) who love to build and dig into data, RewardBee instantly rewards respondents with points to redeem for a bevy of meaningful products and discounts. Users can discover a new hobby, a new favorite read, or a new useful product or service with the rewards they earn from our catalog.

With over 4 million engaged respondents (and counting), crafting surveys is the name of our game. We put together some key points to consider when writing a survey, so you can maximize response rates and collect the most meaningful feedback possible. 

Oh, and your customers just might have some fun while sharing their insights!

  • Consider: your goal:
    • What kind of data or feedback are you trying to gather? 
    • This will guide the actual content of your survey questions.
  • Start with broad questions, and then drill down to more specific questions to ease the respondent into your topic.
  • Include some demographic questions to help define your audience.
  • Write the questions and answers in simple terms. That is, don’t use jargon or acronyms without defining what they mean. 
  • Avoid leading questions. You don’t want bias or accidentally sway your data.
  • Have a variety of question types: multiple choice, multiple select, and open-ended questions.
  • Include a “human-validation” question. This is a random question you throw in the mix to make sure your respondent is paying attention. Classic example: What color is an orange?
  • If you can, offer an incentive or reward to users for completing and submitting their survey responses.
  • Once you have your sample size of responses, explore your data to find trends, outliers, useful quotes, actionable feedback, and opportunities to create fun or useful infographics. 

Interested in partnering with RewardBee to launch an upcoming survey campaign? It's a great way to increase survey responses and reward your customers at the same time. Our team would love to help you. Give us a shout at and we’ll work together to help your company build the buzz you are seeking.


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