Show Your Customers Some Love

Improve your customer appreciation efforts with digital gift cards

What would your company be without your customers?

It goes without saying that your customers are incredibly important to your business and that you appreciate them greatly.

Actually, we disagree. 

Not that your customers are important and that you appreciate them greatly, but that it goes without saying.

We believe that the appreciation you have for your customersshould be stated. Loudly and frequently, and preferably with a gift. 

Even better? A gift that not only thanks your customers, but also incentivizes them -- to make a purchase, increase their total spend, or further engage with your brand.

A gift such as a gift card. 

The use of gift card reward programs among millennials and their younger Gen Z counterparts has surged in recent years, building loyalty and boosting average consumer spend for millions of companies.

Update: A gift such as a digital gift card. 


Because it’s 2020, and, according to the 2018 Prepaid Consumer Insights Surveysponsored by First Data, consumers prefer  “branded currency” (digital gift cards) because it “can be sent instantly and purchasing is more convenient.”

Benefits of digital gift cards include:

  • Speed and ease of sending
  • Ease of redemption
  • Tracking
    • You know exactly if (and when) your customers redeemed the digital gift card. 
    • This allows you to follow up with people who have unused gift cards. 
      • A perfect opportunity to send a friendly reminder about the gift you sent them.
  • As e-commerce and online-only merchants grow in popularity, so will e-gift cards.
  • Environmentally friendly
    • You thank your customers. 
    • Earth thanks you!

You probably don’t need help thinking of reasons to show your customers some love, but here are a few examples that work well:

  • Thank you for your purchase.
  • Thank you for entering our social media contest.
  • Thank you for signing up for our newsletter.
  • Thank you for subscribing to our YouTube channel.
  • Happy Birthday! 

If you’re interested in using digital gift cards as a valuable customer appreciation tool to help you surprise and delight your customers, our bPerx team would love to work with you. Each bPerx gift card rewards consumers with a suite of product offerings from top magazine brands and e-commerce companies. Founded in New York City in 2018, bPerx has rewarded more than 1 million consumers through its turnkey digital card platform.


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