Welcome to 360 Media Direct

Our Passion:
Marketing Right.

Our Niche:
Connecting People with the Brands They Love.

After months of branding discussions – hey, that’s what happens when you have a bunch of creative thinkers who are passionate about their work - we proudly present 360 Media Direct.

The Subdirect brand was a joy to build up to the media company that earned the trust of more than 2,000 clients and the engagement of more than 25 million customers.  

Now, as 360 Media Direct, we are still a world class performance marketing group.

We are still focused on reaching the right people through a variety of channels.  

We are still a team that excels at combining traditional media with the latest, most innovative technology to grow meaningful relationships with customers, products, and brands. 

We are still proud of our sweet, secret sauce that leads engaged and targeted customers to connect and stick with our clients.

This begs the question, why the rebrand?

Over the past ten years, we’ve expanded tremendously from individual lead generation to customer optimization and retention platform.

We’ve morphed into a true one-stop-shop for acquiring, engaging and delighting customers. 

And so the genesis of the all-encompassing name 360 Media Direct. 

Our sophisticated, turnkey platform now offers a more wholistic, flexible pricing model based on the unique targeting and ROI needs of the companies we partner with. We have also recently developed new quality assurance and fraud protection technologies to further elevate the quality of our leads.  

360 Media Direct is comprised of the same customer-centric brands our clients have leaned on over the past few years, including: 

bPerx: Turnkey digital platform for delivering meaningful perks to consumers. 

Covalent Media Group: Lead generation solutions targeting new consumers through proprietary targeting technology.

RewardBee: Customizable e-commerce platform offering engaging surveys and activities that collect valuable data and reward loyal customers. 

Subco: Consumer touch-point fulfillment center that partners with selling agents, retailers, e-commerce and loyalty points companies to build circulation and customer loyalty.

Waiting Room Subscription Services (WRSS): Provides publishers, marketers, retailers, charities and foundations with highly targeted, public space placements, strengthening overall audience reach and brand recognition. 

We are excited that the big reveal is here and invite you to explore our new website. We’ve added new resources, case studies, and even careers, if you are interested in joining our collaborative, high-energy team. 

We look forward to evolving as a company and to continue providing the full spectrum of marketing support for our partners, clients, and customers. Now as 360 Media Direct.


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