4 Use Cases for Having a Digital Gift Card Program as part of your Customer Acquisition and Retention Strategy

Any healthy business model should have a robust customer acquisition and customer retention strategy in place. 

When it comes to these strategies, we have found that offering something of value to your customer (or soon-to-be-customer) can help them take that next crucial step in their journey with your brand. What kind of something of value? A digital gift card reward program. 

The use of gift card reward programs among millennials and their younger Gen Z counterparts has surged in recent years, building loyalty and boosting average consumer spend for millions of companies. And beyond these demographics, who wouldn’t be surprised and delighted by the offer of a digital gift card for simply becoming or staying engaged with your brand?

Here are four examples of how having a digital gift card program in your marketing toolkit can help you reach your customer goals:

Gain subscribers for your newsletter or email list

If your goal is to increase newsletter subscription rates, why not incentivize your customers with the promise of a digital gift card as a thank you gift once they subscribe? Your awesome email content will keep your fans around once they subscribe, but sometimes customers need a little extra push toward completing that first task of actually signing up.

The promise of a digital gift card for new subscribers is a delightful treat to encourage people to take that next step. 

It’s as simple as partnering with a digital gift card company to be able to promote something enticing like this on your website. 

Boost followers and engagement on social media

Sweepstakes and contests are a great way to boost engagement on social media. If you want to add an extra perk to your contest or sweepstake, a digital gift card works well as an incentive for participation. Not only will there be a winner who receives your grand prize, but everyone can be rewarded with a digital gift card just for entering. You earn the interest of new customers, re-engage existing customers, and generate buzz within your social media channels. Your customers get the joy of their instant digital gift as well as the exciting anticipation of possibly winning your overall contest or sweepstakes. Thumbs up and heart emojis for everyone! 

Save a membership or subscription customer 

Also known as a “cancel-save” in the customer service/call center industry. A digital gift card program is a generous way to motivate an upset customer to reconsider canceling their membership or subscription. This works best in cases where customer service is chatting with someone who previously loved your brand, but for some reason is now considering canceling their membership or subscription. In addition, of course, to your reps empathizing with customers and offering resolution for the customers’ pain points, a digital gift card arms your team with an additional tool to motivate your customers to stay. 

Increase average customer spend on your e-commerce site 

Three words: Gift with purchase. 

Set a spend goal for your customers and let them know that they’ll receive a digital gift card with their purchase when they spend that amount or more. 

This can make a noticeable difference in the number or value of items you see your customers putting in their cart before checking out. The allure of a digital gift card shines in this use case. 

Ready to try some of these use cases for yourself? 

bPerx makes all these strategies simple for you to execute. If you’re interested in improving your customer acquisition and retention strategy with a digital gift card reward or loyalty program, our bPerx team would love to work with you. Each bPerx gift card rewards consumers with a suite of product offerings from top magazine brands and e-commerce companies. Founded in New York City in 2018, bPerx has rewarded more than 1 million consumers through its turnkey digital card platform.


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