Employee Spotlight: Tim Hancock, CFO

The team at 360 Media Direct is pleased to debut our new monthly Staff Spotlight series! Through this series, we will highlight one extraordinary team member each month across one of our 4 offices: New York, NY, Southport, CT, Philadelphia, PA and Fresno, CA. 

We have selected our fearless CFO, Tim Hancock, as our inaugural spotlight. We hope you enjoy this new, light-hearted series!

We took some time to learn about Tim and what he does at 360 Media Direct, what he loves about working here, and what his dream super power would be...

"Working among the best people in marketing, fulfillment and customer service."

Tim Hancock, CFO, on his favorite part about working for 360 Media Direct

What's a "day in the life" like for you at 360 Media Direct?

Every day is different for me. One day, I am focused on meeting the financial reporting needs of our company. Another day I am focused on brainstorming new ideas to meet the needs of our clients and yet another day I am traveling to see or video conferencing with clients and co-workers in New York, Connecticut, Philadelphia and Des Moines. The most exciting times are when they all collide on the same day.

What is your favorite part about working for 360 Media Direct?

Working among the best people in marketing, fulfillment and customer service.

What is your proudest moment at 360 Media Direct?

My proudest moment is currently happening. It's watching my team come together to provide solutions for our clients in the most uncertain of times.

What's the one superpower you most wish you had?

Super Speed

We value all of our employees hard work, positive attitudes and dedication to doing things right. It's these characteristics that our company is built on. Thank you Tim for all that you do, and thank you readers for taking some time to get to know us better too.


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